Subject: Re: Yet another gripe about x86-specific messages to current-users
To: Peter Seebach <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/10/1995 16:33:34
> I'd cast my vote with this, if I hadn't at least occasionally asked
> <platform> specific questions here.  However, the basic point is valid;
> current-users is supposed to be for people:
> 1.  Using current.
> 2.  There is no 2.
> My understanding is that there's a mailing list for platform issues of each
> platform, as well.

I would say the posting of x86 specific stuff to current-users is
because we don't know where else to do it.  The "port-i386" list
seems inappropriate for "user" type discussions.  I think people would
post to comp.os.386bsd.*, except there doesn't seem to be much of a
NetBSD presence there.

This is what majordomo tells me:

>>>> info port-i386
People working on the NetBSD/i386 port.

... and ...

majordomo@NetBSD.ORG serves the following lists:

  current-users        General discussion regarding NetBSD-current             
  port-i386            Technical discussion regarding NetBSD/i386              

Perhaps a "current-users-i386" would be appropriate due to the higher
numbers of x86 users?  Or a "i386", similar to "amiga" which is a
general discussion area?