Subject: Re: Anyone got -current running on a Fujitsu M2624F-512?
To: Jonathan Stone <>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/07/1995 10:01:36
> Does anyone have Netbsd-current (or 1.0, if that has write
> clustering) running on a Fujitsu M2624F-512 (rev 0304)?

Hmm.  HMMMMMMM.  I have NetBSD-current running with write clustering
with a Fujitsu M2266-512 and assorted other disk drives (Maxtor, Quantum).
And I get panics.

Which panic do you see?  The one I get goes something like this:
	page fault trap, code=0
	_free+0x1de	movl %edx,0xc(%eax)
	free(f8664c60, 2b)
	cluster_callback(f8c66ae8, 0)

The trip through scsi_error seems to indicate that some drive is making
some complaint, but it panics without printing any kind of useful message,
so I have no idea what went wrong (or even which disk drive has failed).
If I drop into DOS and use the Adaptec disk verify utility, no bad blocks
are seen.

This panic only happens once in a while though, usually while bringing the
system up.