Subject: close but no current cigar
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/06/1995 15:51:18
Hello Current (Amiga) Users,

I thank everybody who helped me with helping me to become 'current'.

The initial problem was:

	If I build a current kernel, some programs (e.g. ps) don't work

The solution was:

	Rebuild *everything*

If you don't want to read much skip to (2)

I went through the following steps (twice)

- sup *all* sources & includes
- compile lib (*.sa *.so.*)
- compile sys (netbsd)
- compile some bin (e.g. ps) to begin with
- boot single user, install new shered libs + new kernel
- reboot

Twice I got a working kernel with a working ps.

Twice I got some 'new' problems:

(1) df did not work ...

I read through df manpage and used an option (I believe -n or -i) that
avoids timeouts and df works. After some thought I think this has to do
with amd (I will check if I have similar problems with the new compiled
amd). (ls / does not work either, I also believe because of amd)

(2) xdm starts but no longer does what it needs to do.

I use an NCD xterminal and I cannot get to the chooser anymore.  I
noticed that the xdm-pid was bad so I think that xdm also suffers from
the 'change'.

My questions are:

(a) I installed the first version of X11R6 that arrived. I know that a
2nd one arrived in January. Does the 2nd one have support for the
current kernel.

(b) what is it anyway that makes it necessarry to recompile programs.
This is not an angry question, I am just curious to know. Do such
drastic changes heppen often? More in particular. How can we know which
programs need to be recompiled and why are these programs compiled
statically (I would believe that if ps were linked dynamically such
'problem' would not occur).

(c) anybody else in current works with an NCD ?

CONGRATULATIONS again for all the NetBSD heroes.


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