Subject: Re: vic ported to NetBSD/i386
To: None <>
From: Greg Earle <earle@isolar.Tujunga.CA.US>
List: current-users
Date: 02/04/1995 14:53:24
> Anyway, for those interested in the (relatively) new video
> conferencing tool "vic" on NetBSD/i386, I have a binary
> distribution and (minor) patches in
> The changes have been sent in to the maintainers.  The binary
> includes both statically and dynamically linked versions plus the
> "non-standard" dynamic libraries needed to run it (BLT, tk, tcl,
> X11 and Xext).

I ported "vic" to NetBSD/SPARC a while ago and the changes went into vic 2.6.

Please let me know what it is that you needed to do to change that, as it (2.6)
compiled, linked and runs totally cleanly for me under NetBSD/SPARC 1.0.

	- Greg