Subject: Re: Poor T1 performance
To: Andrew Gillham <>
From: Chris <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/02/1995 20:10:38
> I can't offer any help, but a friend of mine and I have seen this!
> We both have a ppp connection into a Netblazer, and if I try to telnet
> from my NetBSD 1.0/i386 box to his 1.0/i386 box, it is horribly slow.
> If I telnet from my box to the netblazer, then to his box it is
> back like it should be...  I thought I was nuts and never mentioned
> it, but I'm glad to hear I'm not alone!
> I have *never* seen anything like this with any of my hosts, but none
> of them are directly connected to the Netblazer.  
> So:
> slow =	NetBSD <--PPP--> Netblazer <--PPP--> NetBSD
> norm =  NetBSD <--PPP--> Netblazer <--TR-->Cisco (telnet to cisco)
> norm =  NetBSD <--PPP--> Netblazer


Can you describe the slowness?  I have an identical problem going 

(freebsd/netbsd) -> slip/ppp to (linux/netbsd gateway) -> netbsd1.0

but no problems going

(linux) -> slip/ppp to (linux/netbsd gate) -> netbsd1.0  
(*bsd) -> slip/ppp to (cisco) -> netbsd1.0

The problem only seems to exist when slip/ppp and two BSD machines with
a non-cisco gateway/router are involved.  

My symptoms are horrendoulsy slow tcp connections where
I telnet to the netbsd machine and wait maybe 1 minute for the login
prompt, then maybe another minute for the password prompt and so forth.

Some people suggested MTU or modem compression problems, but  that
doesn't explain why it works with linux. Others suggested options
to telnet, but I've a suspicion that this is a much lower-level problem.


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