Subject: Re: Poor T1 performance
To: Kevin Sullivan <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/02/1995 18:07:26
> TCP connections between a NetBSD machine and an Ultrix machine which
> cross the T1 link (and also ones that don't) are fine.  It is only
> when NetBSD is on both ends and the T1 in the middle that the slowdown
> occurs.  This is with NetBSD-current (about 4 days old).  The same
> thing happens with a 56K line rather than a T1, and also when one or
> both machines run NetBSD 1.0.

Try turning off TCP header compression on the NetBlazer's (provided it
is on).  This has proven to be a problem with the TCP/IP stack being
used in the NetBlazers earlier, it will have problems with TCP data-
grams with IP options set, something that will happen between modern
(at least 4.4BSD-Lite based) TCP/IP stacks.

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