Subject: Re: Poor T1 performance
To: Kevin Sullivan <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/02/1995 18:51:25
> I'm seeing an odd thing here.  I have two NetBSD machines connected by
> Netblazers and a T1 link.  Neither NetBSD machine is routing anything.
> UDP connections between the NetBSD machines are normal speed, but TCP
> connections have horrible delays and move data at ~400 bytes/sec.
> TCP connections between a NetBSD machine and an Ultrix machine which
> cross the T1 link (and also ones that don't) are fine.  It is only
> when NetBSD is on both ends and the T1 in the middle that the slowdown
> occurs.  This is with NetBSD-current (about 4 days old).  The same
> thing happens with a 56K line rather than a T1, and also when one or
> both machines run NetBSD 1.0.

I can't offer any help, but a friend of mine and I have seen this!
We both have a ppp connection into a Netblazer, and if I try to telnet
from my NetBSD 1.0/i386 box to his 1.0/i386 box, it is horribly slow.
If I telnet from my box to the netblazer, then to his box it is
back like it should be...  I thought I was nuts and never mentioned
it, but I'm glad to hear I'm not alone!

I have *never* seen anything like this with any of my hosts, but none
of them are directly connected to the Netblazer.  
slow =	NetBSD <--PPP--> Netblazer <--PPP--> NetBSD
norm =  NetBSD <--PPP--> Netblazer <--TR-->Cisco (telnet to cisco)
norm =  NetBSD <--PPP--> Netblazer

Anyway, just my experiences...