Subject: Re: one more file ignored by CVS
To: None <>
From: Niklas Hallqvist <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/02/1995 15:26:06
>>>>> "Greg" == Greg A Woods <> writes:

Greg> [ On Thu, February 2, 1995 at 11:50:46 (-0500), Niklas Hallqvist
Greg> wrote: ]
>> Subject: one more file ignored by CVS
>> Hmm, I don't know if I consider this a change-request or not.  I
>> just stepped on another file being ignored by CVS:
>> usr.bin/vi/USD.doc/vi.ref/ CVS thinks this is a shared object
>> and therefore ignores it by default.  This can be fixed in either
>> of two ways, change my CVS strategy or change filename.  I'm not
>> sure what's best.  I like the strategy of CVS as it is, but I also
>> dislike renaming random files every here and there.  What do people
>> think?

Greg> CVS won't ignore the file if you tell it not to (i.e. add it to
Greg> the repository).  The ignore list is only used for importing new
Greg> modules, and for checking the status of files in the working
Greg> directory, but not in the CVS/Entries file of that working
Greg> directory.  (I.e. when "*.so" is in the ignore list, "cvs
Greg> update" won't complain with "?" if the file ""
Greg> exists, but isn't in the repository and the CVS/Entries file,
Greg> however if you "cvs add" it will be managed as normal).

OK, I have changed my "supdate"-script to not check if a file got
added or just modified with "cvs update", but rather check it in the
CVS/Entries file directly.  I think this will make my updates even
quicker than before.  I didn't know cvs add didn't ignore files which
would otherwise have been ignored by a cvs update, thanks for telling
me.  However, the best would of course be to hack sup to tell if it
was a new file or just an update, as it is my primary source of which
files to handle.  Even better would be an integrated cvs-sup machine
which didn't require a checked-out tree at all, but I guess noone
have that kind of spare time.

So there, I drop my namechange suggestions, and change strategy
instead.  Hmm, the only thing that bothers me now is how other cvs
commands handles these files (cvs diff, rdiff, update -j), I'll just
have to check the docs, I guess.


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