Subject: Re: Pointer for MacBSD Booter 1.6?
To: Thomas Longstaff <>
From: Steve Allen <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/02/1995 07:23:06
On Feb 2,  8:32am, Thomas Longstaff wrote:
>This doesn't seem to be in the "standard" places.  Anyone have a
>pointer?  Thanks...

It was included in the MRG kernel set (I forget where that is);
I pulled it out and put it on my mac68k -current FTP site: in the macside_utils directory.

Ah, located the original source (excerpt of note from Brad Grantham):
>"" and
>        mrgkit.1.0a.sea.hqx

Which contains Booter 1.6 and two versions of the 1.0 MRG
kernel (fpu & nofpu).


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