Subject: Re: Network Performance via PPP.
To: None <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/25/1995 17:00:37
>Hi Gang,
>I've noticed a problem, that unfortunately I don't have a lot
>of specifics on. But here what I know and perhaps someone
>can enlighten me so I can resolve it. I'm running a NetBSD 1.0 
>system as a internet gateway. Its running PPP with a 28.8K baud modem.
>The CPU is an AMD 486 DX2 80 and 16Megs of RAM. I get about 500-700 
>people a day, or about 2000-3000 http GETS. So the link is used a fair 
>amount. When I initially boot the machine the latency to my provider 
>as measured by ping, is about 150msec. At some point in a 24 hour period 
>the latency gets quite bad, about 2000-3000 msec for the same ping. The 

It almost sounds like you're running into the mbuf leak problem ... what
does netstat -m show?

This is fixed in current ... if you don't want to upgrade to current, you
can just drop in a new sys/netinet/ip_raw.c (I think that's the right file) -
the only thing changed between the 1.0 and -current version of this file is
the indicated fix above.