Subject: Re: prob with ether setupo
To: Bakul Shah <>
From: Tobias Weingartner <weingart@austin.BrandonU.CA>
List: current-users
Date: 01/22/1995 13:06:59
In message <>, Bakul Shah writes:
> > and my NetBSD machine.  I'm going to back up my disks before installing it
> > in the NetBSD machine as I have an AHA-1542B and I have read things in the
> > Linux ether hardware FAQ about SMC's having problems with 15XX's.  As a
> > matter of fact, some people were experiencing DATA CORRUPTION under
> > interactive Unix and old MS-Win-NT drivers.  Oops :)
> For what its worth, I did have data corruption problems when
> I was using 16Meg memory, SMC Elite (but not ultra) & AHA-
> 1542B.  It disappeared when I reduced memroy to 12Meg.  I
> swapped memory around and ran extensive memory tests and
> think the memory is fine.  My guess is the problem is
> related to L2 cache of my noname OPTi MB + AHA + may be the
> SMC Elite.  I didn't pursue it after that but if someone
> knows why and how to fix it, I'd sure like to know and get
> my 4Meg of memory back.

Sounds like a problem that I have here.  If I turn off the L2 cache NetBSD
1.0 is *really* stable.  However, if I turn it on, it will crash at a
random point in the kernel.  (User programs die too).  Seems like something
in my setup (16MB, 1542C, GUP-2MB) is conflicting.  Really wish I knew what
it was.  Linux (evil word) seems to be fine on this hardware, as was a
version of NetBSD before 1.0.  Queer.

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