Subject: Re: prob with ether setupo
To: None <>
From: VaX#n8 <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/21/1995 03:49:48
I just purchased two SMC Elite Ultra 16C's (what a mouthful, can't they
just give them numbers like 8216? :) ... to connect an MS-DOG^HS machine
and my NetBSD machine.  I'm going to back up my disks before installing it
in the NetBSD machine as I have an AHA-1542B and I have read things in the
Linux ether hardware FAQ about SMC's having problems with 15XX's.  As a
matter of fact, some people were experiencing DATA CORRUPTION under
interactive Unix and old MS-Win-NT drivers.  Oops :)

Do you by chance have an AHA-15XX with ROM mapped into the same 64k page as
the SMC card?  (Or any other adapter with an 8 bit ROM, for that matter).

Since I'm already posting, does anyone know:
  1) of a better buy for my purposes (I paid US $110 for the cards, each).
     The Linux FAQ says the AMD chipset is actually one of the fastest, but
     I see no support for cards with that chipset in the lists of supported
     hardware (some of which conflict, I might add... the FAQ isn't the same
     as the NetBSD-1.0 INSTALL notes, it'd be nice if they were similar)
     And it would be neat, too, since AMD is just down the street from me :)
  2) if any problems exist with the said AHA controller and SMC Ultras.
     The reports are vague enough that it could be anything, really.

Prompt responses are really appreciated, since I can probably return them
if I act fast, and if need be.  FWIW, it seems to work really great under
MS-DOG, and the installation is slick, even if the documentation on the
clarkson packet driver that comes with it is a little skimpy :)
Also, any success stories hooking a MS-DOS machine to NetBSD (what tcp software
and what services), would be appreciated.

The IBM pc community is in DESPERATE need of a NIC FAQ
('s FAQ doesn't even mention them)
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