Subject: Re: prob with ether setupo
To: None <>
From: Niklas Hallqvist <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/21/1995 04:56:36
>>>>> "matthew" == matthew  <> writes:

matthew> Tried to set my machine up on an ethernet network at work.
matthew> Powered up, typed "ifconfig ed2 inet" and then
matthew> typed "route add default".  I know those number
matthew> are right.

matthew> The machine is a P5-90 with 8MB RAM and an SMC Ultra Elite
matthew> card.  Can't ping anything and soon after pinging, I get a
matthew> kernel message something to the effect "ed2: NIC memory
matthew> corrupt.  invalid packet length 0".  I've never seen an error
matthew> like that - what would cause that?  How do I fix that?

My guess is that you have got the iomem parameter in your config-file
wrong.  I cannot guarantee this, though.


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