Subject: Re: Smallest NetBSD hardware?
To: John F. Woods <>
From: Michael Graff <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/20/1995 15:22:57
I do exactly that, using two NetBSD machines connected with 14.4k's.

One machine is a 486dx/40 with 8M and a medium sized hard drive, while
the smaller is a barely large enough hard drive (120M) 8M ram (could
use only 4, but it came with 8) and one of those 486-in-a-386-socket

I get lost characters, but nothing too major typically.

>I am wondering about the possibility of using NetBSD in a simple router (i.e.,
>routing between my modem IP connection and the home Ethernet).  Is anyone
>else doing this?  What's the least hardware I could get away with for this?
>(Especially noting that the serial line is (soon to be) 28.8Kbps, which puts
>a floor on CPU speed...)


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