Subject: X on Diamond Stealth 911/924 (Was: XFree86)
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Torsten Duwe (Emacs) <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/18/1995 21:45:22
>>>>> "Rob" == Rob Windsor <> writes:

    Rob> Verily did John Evans write:
    >>> I just got a Diamond Stealth card, so I finally got around to
    >>> installing X... after finally making sure all the dot clock values,
    >>> monitor sync rates, etc, etc, etc, etc. were right, we eliminated all

Stealth '911 or '924 ? There is a well-known Problem with Diamond and their
clock generators. Don't supply clock values, let the X server probe for them !

    Rob> First thing, it doesn't like something in your fontpaths.
    Rob> Trial-and-error removal to find out if there's one specific one that
    Rob> is killing you.

To me it looked like the server already fixed that at run time.

    Rob> Check your kernel to see if you have the following options set:
    Rob> options XSERVER, UCONSOLE 

XSERVER: absolutely necessary - he had it in his kernel because a VT was
successfully allocated. UCONSOLE: only if you want a "console" window with
messages in it. SYSVSHM: X will tell you "using MIT SHM extensions" (or was
that the message generated bu doom ?-) anyway - that's what it's good for -
not necessary but will make your local progs run a little faster. The other
options: no influence on X AFAIK.


P.S.: this type of stuff should go to -help and port-i386...