Subject: A chance to gloat :-)
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/17/1995 08:39:57
In the following forwarded message, the names have been removed to protect
the innocent (and the name of the guilty local internet provider has been
changed to GLIP...).  I thought you all might be amused.

------- Forwarded Message
<Forwarder deleted>

So the friendly guys at GLIP switched their shell account machine from a
486DX2/66 running NetBSD to a Pentium 90 mhz running Linux.

And yes, the NetBSD box was faster under a 20 user load. :-)

GLIP will probably accuse me of psychologically damaging their user base
with the basic "welcome to hell" cautionary note that I posted when they
first announced the switchover to Linux.

: A. Person ( wrote:

: I totally agree.  Please fix this system soon.  Linux is for PC's.  I 
: know max is on a PC, but GLIP is now too large for a PC, it really should 
: be on a bigger machine.  Sunos, and Berkley and BSD are the systems that 
: most internet providors use, and has proven to work best.  Even with a 
: PC, GLIP should get rid of linux
: Adam

: : Face it folks - something is drastically wrong with MAX since the
: : conversion to Linux.  The simplest commands take 30-60 seconds to
: : execute.  I've got an elapsed time timer in my Comm program, and it
: : literally took 3 minutes for me to login this morning.

: : There are only 20 users, and I 'ps -ax'-ed 'em to see if there were 10
: : people running C compilers.  No such luck.  Its just a typical max
: : load of pine, irc, telnet and sz folks.

: : All the talk about 'review' of Linux is pretty irrelevant when BSD has
: : had 15 years of review by a MUCH larger community, and 15 years of
: : performance improvements as well.

: : Can we please either FIX this in the next few days or switch back to
: : NetBSD?

: : -- A. "I am in a good mood" Person

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