Subject: Re: Installation of compressed manual pages
To: None <>
From: Chris G Demetriou <Chris_G_Demetriou@LAGAVULIN.PDL.CS.CMU.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 01/16/1995 04:26:38
> I have been using a similar for some time now, only differences
> are that there currently is no option (COMPRESSMAN), and that the formatted
> output in the source tree is also compressed, as I have a real crunch for
> disk space. If there is interest in this, I could put it up.
> BTW Everything works, man links, etc.

yeah, but at least in my opinion, the implementation is a bit lacking.
i've been putting off dealing with this, until i got around to doing
it 'right', but since i'm on the road now, that's not likely to happen
for a few weeks, at least.

what i'd call a 'good' implementation should:
	(1) be able to install man pages in source or nroffed form,
	(2) be able to install either type of page in either gzipped
		or normal form,

I'm not sure when the gzipping should take place: either when the
pages are made, or when they're installed.  the former is more
consistent with the build process, and probably easier (in at least
one way) to implement.  the latter could be construed as more 'normal'
-- there are fewer types of things that could be built, etc., and is
also probably easier to implement in at least one way...  I think i'd
go with the latter.

If one goes with the latter method of installing gzipped pages, then
one should install them, and gzip them in their installed location,
i'd say.

John Brezak submitted a set of changes to do the above, before i
changed  (I changed in the way that i did to
allow this to be done more easily -- he didn't deal with all of the
odd cases of weird man page installation throughout the source tree,
and i thought it would be unweildy to do so, so i came up with a
reasonable man page specification system that got rid of all of the
special cases.  8-)  I never got around to finding time to get his
diffs working with the new man page setup, and he didn't either, as
far as i'm aware.  If anybody would like his diffs, i'm sure i can dig
them up, and send them to you...  (however, it's likely to take a
while, as i'm travelling...  8-)

suffering from a merciless omnibook keyboard...