Subject: Re: "daily" reboots
To: John Evans <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/14/1995 01:42:36
>Actually one of the reasons I joined the list (which I just did today ... 
>Hi Everyone!)  is that during /etc/daily when it gets to the fsck (or 
>when I run it by hand -- it still happens) I get thousands of lines of:
>sd0: not queuedaha0: DMA beyond end of ISA
>Oh, btw, my setup is NetBSD 1.0, i386, 20 megs of RAM, AHA scsi...

Herein lines the problem ... in NetBSD you can't have more than 16Mb with an
ISA SCSI controller (well, at least one that does bus-master DMA, which
includes the adaptec 1542).  You'll need to yank out 4Mb.