Subject: Re: `use sup' not tar balls ....
To: Andrew Cagney <>
From: Andrew Wheadon <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/12/1995 12:41:09
> little easier should, maybe be established.  If not done on,
> perhaphs a shadow site could manage it, perhaphs one already does...
> 	o	local only ftp-mail server
> 	o	(weekly?) checksum's listings of the 
>		various parts of the source tree.
> Any thing to ease the pain appreciated :-)
If you supply the places of where to get such a package,
I'm willing to try and set it up, for this server.
As for the tar's. I allready create weekly tar_files
	(at least when the disk doesn't hang ;-)

PS. As to the checksum you could look at the files created by
	supscan, or you can write me a script to use with cksum.

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