Subject: Re: Use "term" to be able to sup (was Re: `use sup' not tar balls ....)
To: Mark Tamola <>
From: Andrew Cagney <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/12/1995 18:34:32
Excerpts from mail: 11-Jan-95 Use "term" to be able to su.. Mark
Tamola@u.washington (932*)

> I too forgot who posted the original message, but if that person has a 
> modem and since he obviously has an internet connection, why not use 
> "term" to be able to sup?  That's what I do, and it works perfectly!  To 
> obtain an initial complete source tree, I just used the latest tarballs, 
> and then did a termified "sup" to update to the latest tree.  Who needs 
> SLIP anymore?  8-).


Don't forget that some people are paying real $$$ for long haul, dial in
connections.  In those situtations, the total connection time and
efficient use of available bandwidth are critical.