Subject: Re: Installation of compressed manual pages
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/11/1995 15:05:16
>After Bob Kemp's changes to install compressed man pages, I decided
>to try to do the same, only changing so that no changes
>were necessary to xinstall. The following (context diff) is the result.
>As with Bob's version, compressed manual pages are dependent upon
>the environment variable COMPRESSMAN being set at man page installation
>time. Links to compressed manual pages are also installed correctly.
>The uncompressed manual pages, once formatted, are kept around in
>the object directory so that 2 consecutive "make install"s work fine.
>The improvements over Bob's version are:
>1. The gzipped manual pages are installed with the correct ownership
>and permissions
>2. No changes to xinstall are necessary
I have been using a similar for some time now, only differences
are that there currently is no option (COMPRESSMAN), and that the formatted
output in the source tree is also compressed, as I have a real crunch for
disk space. If there is interest in this, I could put it up.

BTW Everything works, man links, etc.

Mike B