Subject: Re: Packages for NetBSD
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Zdenek Salvet <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/11/1995 18:02:56
Ernst J. du Toit wrote in current-users:
> Oops, I'm woffeling again - last word:
> I feel that to install from fresh you should be able to do the following:
> 	Grab the base set - like now as Boot Disks, Bin-dist and optional
> 	Src-dist (still seperated so you can grab the kernal srcs only if
> 	you want etc.) 
> 	Access the package archive for the rest. Incl. X? 
> Oh, and since NetBSD is multi platform and compiles virtually everthing
> I've grabbed of the Net like a dream packages should be source... flame on
> :-)

  I also think source only packages would be sufficient for most apps;
  maybe even (pointer to original distribution + source patches ) will do.

> Seriously though I'd HATE to run an Archie and see how many
> foo-bar-1.01-NetBSD-(platformID)bin.tar.gz I can spot between all the 
> foo-bar-1.01-linuxbin.taz hits :-)
> Ok, admitedly BIG apps like XFree86 that really needs space to compile should
> ideally be in binary form too. I don't have the space at home to build it
> on my drives, and I don't think this should disadvantage me or others in
> the same situation.
> How about - a support system on the Net where only source packages are 
> offically archived and binary versions can be obtained other users - we just 
> need a really good package manager for this!

Giles Lean <> wrote in current-users:
> > bad idea.   The user should be asked where he wants to put packages.
> > The defaults should be "sensible" in case the user doesn't care
> > where it goes.
> Not always possible.  Much software needs to know where it is going
> to be installed when it is compiled.
> As I noted in the netbsd-packages mailing list (contact
> we will need a filesystem layout to be 'standard' for installed packages.
> People who can't use the standard can use symbolic links; the default
> should not require this.

  This pushes the idea of sources packages too. 
  I need to be able to decide where files are installed (and to do local changes
  to source or have unformated manpages).
  (We have our own application placement policy developed with ease of upgrades
  and sharing of machine/OS independent parts in mind.)

Zdenek Salvet