Subject: Re: Packages for NetBSD (Was: Why are there two 4.4BSD dev. groups)
To: Timothy Newsham <>
From: Giles Lean <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/11/1995 09:04:57
On Mon, 9 Jan 1995 18:08:44 -1000 (HST)  Timothy Newsham wrote:

> > It would be fine if a set of packages was available on ftp sites.. but
> > they'd all have to have the same paths, please (under /usr/local). So
> > I'd like this to be well coordinated.

> bad idea.   The user should be asked where he wants to put packages.
> The defaults should be "sensible" in case the user doesn't care
> where it goes.

Not always possible.  Much software needs to know where it is going
to be installed when it is compiled.

As I noted in the netbsd-packages mailing list (contact
we will need a filesystem layout to be 'standard' for installed packages.
People who can't use the standard can use symbolic links; the default
should not require this.