Subject: Why Perl [is | is not] needed (Was: Package discussion.)
To: Ted Lemon <>
From: Michael Graff <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/09/1995 21:00:53
>When I talk about install scripts, I'm not talking about the package
>stuff - I suspect that that does everything I want.   What I'm talking
>about is the script(s) that you run to configure your system
>initially.   This is a slightly (but significantly) different problem
>than the one the package system solves.

Will Perl be of any use to partition the drives for install, for
example?  I don't think the static executable will fix on one floppy,
at least not with the other tools needed to beat a drive into

If it can't fit on the first few disks you plug into a fresh machine,
make it a package.  If it can, I'm all for Perl being there.

Perhaps it would be better to write a few _custom_ install programs
(not scripts, but programs) which can extract the information from the
system, drives, user, diety, and install the system that way.


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