Subject: Re: Documentation
To: Rob Healey <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/09/1995 13:35:39
>> Well, there seems to be no idea _when_ such a book will be published.  Judgi
>> from the number of responses I got, we'd have _lots_ of people writing devic
>> drivers, if they only knew how.  So we should tell them!
>	Will this document be placed in the main distribution along with
>	all the main BSD docs like vi, filesystem, etc once it settles
>	down? If not, why not. It seems a document like this should have
>	been written LONG ago for BSD 4.x and placed in the main documentation
>	tree. This information is a VITAL part of an OS like BSD and should
>	be in the main documentation tree once it gets reasonably fleshed
>	out.
>	Would/does the core have any objection to placing such a document in
>	the main tree once it has been suitably fleshed out? Does the writing
>	style or macros have to be a certain way to conform?

I personally wouldn't have any objections to placing such a document in the
main distribution.  It would have to be written in troff, of course - not a big
deal, but I don't know troff that well right now.  I've always meant to learn,
so this would be a good excuse :-)

But I think this is premature - right now such a document is still vaporware.
Let's wait until it's done before we decide where to put it! :-)