Subject: Dead vs Live issues .... (was: why 2*Free-4.4BSD)
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Andrew Cagney <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/09/1995 13:06:15

[These opinions are mine and mine alone, I'm not on the core so ... ]

Taking a look at NetBSD one suspects that certain things on the `to do
list' are really dead.  I'll comment on what comes to mind below.

In doing this, I'm not wanting to depreciate the significant work that
has gone on before.  Rather to observe that due to a lack of resorces
the work hasn't kept pace with outside developments.  Perhaphs it is
time to accept a little compromize.

o	Install process

	Dead issue

	Linux and FreeBSD both have already written install processes.  Would
it be better to
	adopt one of these (FreeBSD?) then try to continue to maintain an
existing install
	system.  (Again no distrespect for those that have, until now, done a
	amount of work.  I'm simply suggesting that these idea's would go further if
	leveraged off another install package).

o	Packages

	Definitly dead

	NetBSD users have adopted the FreeBSD system.  If the FreeBSD system
	has flaws, address them and put them up for adoption across both BSD Kernels.

o	Getting comercial organizations to support NetBSD

	Dead issue.

o	Binary compatibility (especially ELF)

	Very much alive (and not so easy :-)

	NetBSD should (and is) providing binary compatibility with other object
	formats.  If WordPerfect runs on NetBSD it is because NetBSD
	includes support for that packages binary format.

o	Kernel

	Alive and kicking ...

Just an opinion,