Subject: Re: Packages for NetBSD (Was: Why are there two 4.4BSD dev. groups)
To: matthew green <>
From: Ted Lemon <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/08/1995 19:46:37
> the shells, well, no.  if you do one, you need to do them all,
> and that's just too many.

Yeah, but...

DEC and Sun both ship versions of the C shell that support filename
completion.   I don't know of anybody who runs csh instead of tcsh by
choice - in general it's because they don't know tcsh is out there.
If they were given tcsh instead of csh, they'd be perfectly happy, and
might not even notice for a while.

I can't think of a good justification for standardizing on bash (GPL
aside), since it's such a wild departure from the Bourne shell, but I
don't see any reason for standardizing on plain csh instead of tcsh...

I too agree on shipping perl standard - doing meaningful install
scripts in Bourne shell is certainly possible, but who has the time to
hack that stuff?   If we could count on perl being present, I suspect
a lot more would happen on that front.

Ted Lemon
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