Subject: Re: Documentation
To: Ken Hornstein <>
From: Rob Healey <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/07/1995 10:00:19
> >I don't want to discourage anyone who's psyched to do this, but I
> >think a lot of this will be covered in the 4.4BSD book, if and when it
> >ever gets published.
> Well, there seems to be no idea _when_ such a book will be published.  Judging
> from the number of responses I got, we'd have _lots_ of people writing device
> drivers, if they only knew how.  So we should tell them!
	Will this document be placed in the main distribution along with
	all the main BSD docs like vi, filesystem, etc once it settles
	down? If not, why not. It seems a document like this should have
	been written LONG ago for BSD 4.x and placed in the main documentation
	tree. This information is a VITAL part of an OS like BSD and should
	be in the main documentation tree once it gets reasonably fleshed

	Would/does the core have any objection to placing such a document in
	the main tree once it has been suitably fleshed out? Does the writing
	style or macros have to be a certain way to conform?

	This type of document would be most useful when it comes on the
	stock installation so EVERYBODY has it and can reference and
	maintain it as new things come along. It would arguably be one of
	the most useful OS tools in the distribution!

		Just my $0.02,