Subject: Re: next release
To: Bakul Shah <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/05/1995 17:24:51
>> 8) How about those sound drivers, anyway?  B-)
>Ken Hornstein would be a good candidate!  But is there
>an acceptable sound driver architecture?

Actually, I'd nominate John Brezak for this -- he's the one doing the current
work on the generic audio framework.  It's very well layed-out, and he hopes to
have it put into the generic part of the kernel tree so other ports can use it.
But I'll let him toot his own horn :-)

>> It would be really nice if there was someone else working on i386
>> device drivers.
>How can I help?
>I believe you will find more than one volunteer but someone
>in the core group has to coordinate, provide feedback and
>make sure things integrate.  And yes, exhort/motivate/push
>occasionally.  Somebody also needs to run regression tests.

Agreed.  I'd be glad to donate my time to work on some of this other stuff -
for example, I didn't know about the FFS clean bit work until right now, but
I'd be glad to work on that (the vnode interface is still a mystery to me, but
I'm always willing to learn and puzzle things out).  It's not always easy to
know what work is needed.

>I think there is a pressing need for involving more people
>in the maintenance&growth of netbsd.  I fear the day you and
>a couple others in the core group decide to move on to
>better things NetBSD will be no more or in a coma or much
>worse, split in more camps (just like 386BSD did).

Agreed.  Sometimes when work is done the core people don't have enough time
to test and integrate it all (I know everyone in the core group has a real
tight schedule).  I'm sure some of us (myself included) would be willing to
take on this ourselves to help lighten the load.