Subject: Argh! Help!
To: Peter Seebach <>
From: Daniel Carosone <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/03/1995 14:57:46
Peter Seebach writes:

 > One other thing - is anyone currently running a complete build on -current
 > before tarring it?  I keep discovering missing files (libl and atrun both
 > refuse to build, missing source or header files), and I don't see why this
 > keeps happening to me.  *whine*.

I made a complete build of the world a couple of days ago. Other than
named (which i fixed) and ypbind (which I haven't and don't miss)
everything built just fine. You might have more problems if the
machine you are using to build with is not also close to current. If
that's the case, there is a definate dependency order on the things
you have to build to get back up to current - Charles posted on this
recently. This could be causing you grief for rebuilding userland.

 > Seriously, though, has anyone got any idea what I need to rebuild to fix
 > TIOCGETP, so I can run X again?  It appears not to be related to any kernel
 > build options, directly, because I've reenabled almost everything and it
 > still happens.  I thought it might be compat_43, but apparently not.

I suggest you make doubly sure that "options COMPAT_43" is in your
kernel, re-run, and *make clean*, make.  These are exactly
the symptoms i saw in a kernel without COMPAT_43. My guess is you need
to make clean and didn't - can't find *all* the