Subject: Re: misc/670: sh path does not include /usr/sbin/rmt
To: Andrew Wheadon <>
From: Daniel Carosone <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/03/1995 10:16:44
Andrew Wheadon writes:

 > > The default startup path for sh doesn't inlude /usr/sbin, so if root's
 > > shell is sh, programs like dump and tar that try to use rmt(8) from
 > > another host fail.
 > The programs that use rmt 'should' call it up as "/etc/rmt" which
 > does exist as a link to /usr/sbin/rmt. If your tar or dump isn't
 > doing this then I would believe you should fix the tar or dump.
 > (I know that HPUX and NetBSD both do it correctly for tar)

Fair enough.  I know it used to be called /etc/rmt, I had assumed that
was deprecated now.  Would someone in core care to express a
preference on this issue of style, and then we can fix things

In any case, here's what the tapehost printed for tar, restore, and
dump, in that order:

Jan  3 10:00:47 anarres rshd[13594]: root@oink as root: cmd='/etc/rmt'
Jan  3 10:01:49 anarres rshd[13596]: root@oink as root: cmd='rmt'
Jan  3 10:02:20 anarres rshd[13597]: root@oink as root: cmd='rmt'