Subject: Re: Recommendation for gated
To: John C. Hayward <>
From: Frank van der Linden <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/25/1994 12:15:57
>    What is required to get packets passed between the two interfaces
> (ppp and eithernet) on NetBSD 1.0?  If gated is require where is the
> best place to pickup a version which will work with NetBSD 1.0?

You need to do the following (seems you have done some of these already):

- make the machines on your LAN (and the gateway from your LAN to the rest
  of the world, if you want to get there from your client) know that packets
  for your client machine need to go to the server, which will pass them on
- put 'options GATEWAY' in the kernel on your server (and recompile)
- let your server act as a gateway, and let it know to the outside world to,
  by accepting and distributing routing information (RIP packets)

The last step can be done by gated. I've had gated running on a 0.9a
and 1.0 machine for a long time, without a flaw (the machine was gatewaying
between 2 local networks). I tried routed too, but it seemed as if it wanted
to either collect information or distribute it, but not do both. I then
tried gated, and found another error, so maybe routed works after all,
but I just haven't tried it anymore.

gated can be obtained from
Watch for the .tar.Z files, not the uuencoded stuff. I think you need to grab
one of the alpha versions, since the old one didn't compile anymore after
the switch to a 4.4 based kernel. The alpha version works just fine.
The latest is 3.5a8 I believe. Compile it, put it in /usr/sbin, modify
the /etc/netstart and /etc/rc files to run it, make a simple /etc/gated.conf
file (just a line saying "rip yes;" should do it), reboot, and it should

- Frank