Subject: Recommendation for gated
To: None <>
From: John C. Hayward <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/25/1994 00:24:02
Dear NetBSDers,
   I am attempting to set up a machine as a gateway between a LAN and
a remote host connected via ppp.  On the server machine I have a kernel
with option gateway.  The ppp connections and LAN connections work fine.
On another machine on the LAN I have added a route to use the server
as a gateway between it and the remote host.
   The manual entry for routed indicates:
   "If multiple interfaces are present it is assumed that the host will
    forward packets between networks"
   I am not sure if this indicates that routed will do this, if the
kernel will do this, or if gated is required and will do this.
   It seems that in /etc/netstart there are flags for gated(at least in
0.9) yet gated does not seem to be included in the distribution.

   All machines are running NetBSD 1.0.  

   What is required to get packets passed between the two interfaces
(ppp and eithernet) on NetBSD 1.0?  If gated is require where is the
best place to pickup a version which will work with NetBSD 1.0?

Thanks in advance.