Subject: Re: printer problems solved, thanks for the suggestions
To: None <>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/23/1994 08:59:37
Everyone complained to  me:
> > Yeah, what's non-standard about A4?

And Juergen observed:
> It's a little bit too short to be 12 inch, so you must program the printer
> a little bit to get 72 Lines per page (minus 3 on top minus 3 on buttom to
> get 66 Lines, which seems to be a standard. Countless ascii-files are 
> structured in a way that 66 Lines @ 80 Columns are on page.
> The generic-laser-printer usese 64 lines pagelenght for DIN-A4 Paper,
> so the either the page-structures get lost or you double the number of pages:
> one with 64 lines, one with 2 lines Contents and 62 lines empty.

I made the crack about paper size largely because I was already annoyed with
the printer; it turns out that the printer is smart enough to realize that
it has been given US Letter size paper, but not smart enough to automatically
change its internal notion of what the paper size is, so that it was printing
"pages" on two sheets of paper...  But for the lines-per-page issue, the
manual says it will normally do 67 lines per A4 page and 63 per letter-size
page (can't anyone engineer an inkjet printer that isn't afraid of the paper
edges?), but there is a mode you can set which slightly reduce the linespacing
to get 66 line per letter-size page (they don't say how many that gives per
A4 page, I sort of assume it's aimed at US users).