Subject: Re: Amiga NetBSD different from other NetBSD?
To: Peter Seebach <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/23/1994 10:17:59
> Oh, *that* would explain it.  So, on the PC ports, sdxa is always the first
> partition, root or otherwise?  Cool!  Someone make the Amiga port that way. :)

Actually, on the i386 port, I consider a is the root partition, not
necessary the first partition. On my disk, sd0f is the first physical
partition.  (Both Solaris and Ultrix can't cope with this.) sd0a is
physically after sd0f,e, and b.

For example, in experiments to move the `locality of reference' of head
movements on my disks, I have sd0 physically layed out as:
	dev		size		mountpoint
	---		----		----------
	sd0f		120		/usr
	sd0e		48		/var
	sd0a		16		/
	sd0b		48		swap
	    (sd0b	16			mfs:/tmp)
	sd0g		720		/slab/0
	sd0h		48		/altroot

If I have at least two drives, altroot is 23MB on sd1b at the start
and have a second swap partition of 48MB, and the rest becomes /slab/1

Now, the theory is, especially for sd0, that head movement usually
hangs around / and swap and then /var, in close proximity.

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