Subject: Re: CMU SNMP 2 working.
To: None <>
From: Dave Burgess <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/22/1994 09:08:21
> Dave Burgess says:
> > There has to be (in my uninformed opinion) a better way to conditionally
> > include code than all of these #ifdef (__FreeBSD__) || (__NetBSD__)
> > hacks.  Aren't we close enough that there SHOULD be one define that the
> > three primary choices (NetBSD, FreeBSD, and BSDi) can use to perform
> > this type of stuff.  I mean, its not like we are dealing with stuff cut
> > from whole cloth.  
> It would be nice if there were something like a BSD consortium sitting
> in a demilitarized zone that discussed some of the future directions
> for the operating system. Unfortunately, it seems like we are just
> going to continue diverging forever unless someone does something...

I've been dealing with the differences between FreeBSD and NetBSD in (I
like  to think) an even handed way in the FAQ.  I've spent many an
hour culling thhrough newsgroups, mailing lists, and other intellectual
property to try and generate a 'device' that allows people to get a lot
of information about both.

Because of the work that I have done with the FAQ, you can probably
guess that I have a vested interest in making the two systems as similar
as possible within the constraints that each system lives has of the 
things that I find refreshing about *BSD is that there is no
limit to the cool stuff that gets done.  When a better idea is found, it
is my fervent hope that it is adopted by both sides, or at least a
compromise that will avoid making MY job any harder will be found.

Here's another 'uninformed question'.

There has been a lot of talk about changing the names of the devices in
the /dev/directory.  I am using tough names to remember like
/dev/mouse, /dev/qtape, /dev/stape, etc. all linked to their traditional
names.  Is there a problem with this approach?