Subject: Re: /dev/cuaXX (Was: Formal getty replacement yet?)
To: None <>
From: Ty Sarna <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/20/1994 23:07:12
In article <>,
matthew green  <> wrote:
>    Matthew> ah, but until recently *only* the i386 port actually used the
>    Matthew> information in /etc/ttys .. now the sparc and sun3 ports have
>    Matthew> it available, but, to my knowledge, none of the others do.
>    What do you mean?  On my amiga it's been used for a while, I'm quite
>    sure.
> ah.. when i last looked the amiga didn't have it (or i didn't look
> at the amiga tree...).  currently the pc532 and mac68k ports have
> some code that doesn't actually do anything (one is commented, and
> the other doesn't change anything in the driver).  so we're still
> left with just sparc, sun3, amiga and i386 doing TIOC[SG]FLAGS.

The Amiga has had the code since at least mid-June, maybe earlier. I did
the [SG]FLAGS code for ser.c and KNFed the driver, and chopps did some
extra cleanup and committed it.

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