Subject: Re: Formal getty replacement yet?
To: Brian Buhrow <>
From: Rob Healey <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/19/1994 15:59:45
> 	If it's any easier, I have a stock 1.0 com.c modified to include this 
> feature which works with no other changes to the OS.
> I got a lot of requests a few weeks ago when I put a message on the list
> saying that I was going to do this.  It is now done and being tested.
	That's great news for the x86 people but what about the SPARC,
	m68k, MIPS, Vax, NS32k and others that have no com.c in their

	As a religeous note: I see having to use 2 seperate devices as
	an icky kludge. It isn't necessary if the serial port driver
	is written correctly. I used dialin/dialout with one serial device on
	Amiga UNIX SVR4 for 4 years, with ttymon no less, and it all just
	worked. I see no reason why the general serial port code couldn't
	do what other OS's have been doing for years.


> On Dec 18,  9:05pm, Bakul Shah wrote:
> } Subject: Re: Formal getty replacement yet?
> } > I thought we wanted separate /dev/ttyXX and /dev/cuaXX devices
> } > instead.
> } 
> } I modified com.c (+ conf.c) to do this a few months ago and
> } sent out a message on one of the NetBSD mailing lists.  I
> } have not reintegrated my changes back into my NetBSD-current
> } sourc tree since Sep 21 but shouldn't be too hard.  They are
> } yours for asking.
> }