Subject: Odd fsck error during autoboot
To: None <>
From: William S. Morgart <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/16/1994 11:10:10
Machine: 486 dx2/66, 16mb, 420mb and 340mb harddisk.

I recently relaid out all of my disk partitions (on 2 western digital ide
disk drives). I used disklabel, newfs, and fsck from NetBSD 1.0 to do
the disk reorg. Then I built a NetBSD 1.0A kernel and booted it single
user and checked that all filesystems were AOK. They were or at least
there were no errors ... So I rebooted and let the 1.0A kernel come up
multiuser and during the autofsck section it reported a bad MAGIC
number in one of the partitions, told me to rerun fsck manually and
then proceeded to check all the other filesystems (without errors). It
then put me single user mode and I reran fsck on the offending
partition ... without any errors.

Any thoughts/comments as to what I should look at or do to make the
kernel happy?

Thanks in Advance,

Bill Morgart