Subject: Re: stty problems in vi?
To: None <>
From: Mike Long <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/14/1994 16:16:52 (David Maxwell) wrote:
>I'm running a 1.0 system and came across this earlier today. (I'm writing
>this in 'vi' and I'm about to type '!$date^M' IN command mode. )
>stty: TIOCGETD: Operation not supported
>Wed Dec 14 11:34:17 EST 1994
>Does this imply that the code for vi that shipped with 1.0 is calling a
>defunct ioctl mode? Or that it is making a bad call on a pipe? Worst of
>all, the stty message actually gets inserted (as opposed to being written to
>the screen where ^R could at least deal with it.)

Let me guess:  Your .cshrc has a stty command in it?  If so, get rid
of it or put the following on the line above it:

if (! $?prompt) exit 0

Either your kernel doesn't have the COMPAT_43 option defined, or (more
likely) vi is running the 'date' subcommand with its std{in,out,err}
attached to pipes.  Pipes don't have line disciplines (which is what
the TIOCGETD ioctl is after), so stty barfs.

FYI, 1.0-related questions should go to netbsd-help.
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