Subject: Re: timeout leds again, "make" slow
To: VaX#n8 <>
From: Brian Leonard <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/14/1994 10:54:50
In message <199412130507.XAA01977@>VaX#n8 writes

 >3) Can anyone think of a reason not to set hostname during runtime or
 >multiuser state?  I have a slip line that goes up and down quite a bit
 >(our service is not too great) and a dynamically allocated IP number.
 >The simplest sol'n seems to be to just reset the hostname to slip-xx-yy.zz.ed
 >every time slip goes back up.  Any reason why I shouldn't do this?

	What I've done is just choose a hostname I like and give it
one of the "private net" ip addrs.  Then I wrote a little script that
pppd runs when the link is up to put the slipxx hostname/address in
/etc/hosts, so that the hostname I chose points to my local net (or
just localhost if you want) and the ppp0 interface maps to the correct
slipxx name.  For sendmail, I just told it to masquerade as ccwf so
all replies go there.  The sendmail hack is only useful if you're
the only one sending mail from you home machine of course, but "it
works for me" :)
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