Subject: Re: CTIX architecture
To: Mike O'Brien <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/12/1994 10:41:59
[ On Fri, December  9, 1994 at 15:49:04 (-0500), Mike O'Brien wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: CTIX architecture 
> I knew there was a reason for getting old.  It's so your memory turns
> out to be worth something.
> The first version of UNIX turned out by AT&T, Unix 32/V, was indeed a
> 32-bit port of more-or-less straight-up PDP-11 UNIX that ran on a VAX in
> swapping mode.  It worked fine.  We ran it at RAND for about six
> months, waiting for BSD UNIX to come out.  Once Ozalp Babaoglu did
> the VAX paging code there was no looking back.

UNIX-32/V was the second version of UNIX I used, on a big VAX-11/780 --
just after getting my feet wet on a PDP-11/60 running V7, at the U. of
Calgary.  We continued to use those machines for the two years I was
there, though quickly upgrading the VAX to 3.9-BSD, 4.0-BSD, and then
4.1-BSD just after I left.  When I visited a year later, they were
running ~64 terminals that VAX!  The 11/60 had been upgraded from 16
terminals to an 11/44 with ~24 terminals too!

It is my recollection that 32/V came from Berkeley, but was done by one
of the AT&T'ers who was there on sabbatical (ala the reason BSD got such
a foot in the door).

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