Subject: Re: Did /bin/csh change?
To: Mark Tamola <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/12/1994 11:45:18
>For some odd reason, my /bin/csh doesn't work correctly anymore, and 
>since I don't recall anyone complaining about it before, I just want to 
>portray my experiences here:

I just recompiled a freshly supped system (previously running 1.0/SPARC)
and noticed the same things.

>	Warning: exported path contains relative components.
>	Unknown variable modifier.

I think the first message is warning you that you are running as root with
"." in $PATH, which could be a security risk.

The second message appears to be caused by some changes in the parsing
of variable modifiers. The default .cshrc comes with this line:
	set prompt = "$mch:q:$cwd:t {\!} "
Change it to:
	set prompt = "${mch:q}:${cwd:t} {\!} "

This should cure the message and set the prompt correctly again.