Subject: Re: benchmarks... (was: Re: More on UFS performance)
To: None <>
From: der Mouse <mouse@Collatz.McRCIM.McGill.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 12/08/1994 12:05:44
>> I added an option so the SPARC console terminal emulator comes up in
>> white-on-black mode.
> What's wrong with putting "echo '\033[q'" as the first line in
> /etc/rc?

Well, it'd be /etc/rc.boot since I want it to happen even in
single-user mode, but that may well be an acceptable alternative.

> On the other hand, I wouldn't mind some way of telling what the
> HARDWARE says the console color scheme is (WOB or BOW).

I have also considered doing this: looking at the line above the ROM's
cursor position, deducing whether that line was printed WOB or BOW, and
making the rcons code come up in the same mode.  Ideally, the rcons
switching code should also switch the ROMs, but I don't know how to do
that without causing it to do its slo-o-o-ow wipe toggling the whole
screen, which borders on defeating the whole point of the rcons code.
It might be worth it, though, since switching WOB/BOW is done only very least in comparison to normal text output :-)

Then people who prefer WOB and are stuck with ROM revisions that reset
to BOW when booting can just stick \e[q in the OEM banner string, so it
switches to WOB (assuming this does in fact work - I haven't yet
figured out how to get an escape into the OEM banner), and be done with

					der Mouse