Subject: compiling Fresco 0.8 with g++ 2.6.2
To: None <current-users@netBSD.ORG>
From: David Hobley <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/07/1994 03:14:26
I have been trying to compile the latest version of Fresco with g++ 2.6.2.

When it gets to the X11 files (Xdisplay.o etc), it fails to compile
with a "virtual memory exhausted" error. I have run top(1) while compiling,
and according to that the process size gets to 17M while compiling at which
point it fails. I tried without optimisation, but it made no

I have 16M memory and 40M swap. I can't see any problem with memory that
would cause a vm exhausted message.

I compiled Fresco 0.7 successfully on the same system a week or two ago.
Has anyone had any problems such as this ?
I am using NetBSD 1.0 on a Pentium system. Is there anything I could be
doing to track this further ?

As an aside,
Does anyone have a shared libg++ 2.6.1 available ? I have started to make
patches to the srcs, but it might take a while.

[ Is this the right place to ask about such things ? I am not convinced it
  is a bug with NetBSD, so I didn't mail it to the bugs list ].