Subject: Re: benchmarks... (was: Re: More on UFS performance)
To: Chris G Demetriou <Chris_G_Demetriou@LAGAVULIN.PDL.CS.CMU.EDU>
From: James Graham - Systems Anarchist <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/05/1994 11:31:59
der Mouse:
/* I added an option so the SPARC console terminal emulator comes up in
 * white-on-black mode.  deraadt flatly refused to have anything to do
 * with it, telling me there was no need for it (presumably meaning he had
 * no need for it, ignoring the need I clearly must have had in order to
 * have been prompted to do it) and that it would add too much maintenance
 * complexity (the patch simply adds five lines: one blank, one #ifdef,
 * one #endif, and two lifted directly from the switch-to-white-on-black
 * code in the emulator).


What's wrong with putting "echo '\033[q'" as the first line in /etc/rc?


Chris has a point, and so does Theo:  There is almost never a reason for
a one- or two-line fix surrounded by #ifdef/#endif in the kernel.  I can
understand a preference, as I end up putting something silly in root's
.profile to do the very same thing when I first load up a machine, but I
look upon it as a minor inconvenience rather than a major problem.

If you want to patch it for yourself, of course, there's nobody stopping

On the other hand, I wouldn't mind some way of telling what the HARDWARE
says the console color scheme is (WOB or BOW).  It's annoying in a very
minor way when I hit L1-a on a bw2 or cg3 and have my nice WOB console
screen suddenly start printing BOW again.  Maybe there should be a
character sequence or something (IOCTL?  Probably overkill...) to
forcibly switch modes on the actual console and not the RCONSOLE.


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