Subject: -current, egos, flamage, merry christmas!
To: None <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/05/1994 20:32:49
Having followed this thread I had a couple of comments:

Folks, I think we should be jumping up and down and shouting
"Great Job Guys" instead of "Damn it!" like I've been hearing!
Seriously!  Just look through this code you're getting and think
of the *hours* it takes for this effort!  I can barely get my normal
work done, let alone work on a project of this magnitude!  Yet work
is continuing on NetBSD. 
Sure, everyone has a few nits about the state of -current (like where's
eisa_machdep.c? :-)  but I think it is fairly obvious that the 
core team is not sitting on their butts.  I personally am happy to
run NetBSD 1.0 until Charles can iron out the details for the i386
port.  And remember, Charles & Chris & company have their own life to
live as well!  Personally I think any of us "users"  living near a
core team member ought to be taking them out for beer and pizza and
saying "Great Job!" 

Just my 2 cents.