Subject: Exabyte 8200 problems
To: None <>
From: Phil Nelson <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/05/1994 15:07:58
I just put an Exabyte 8200 on my 486DX2/66 running NetBSD-1.0.
I have not been able to read or write to any tape.

"mt stat" always returns "unknown tape drive type (7)"
"dd if=/dev/rst0 of=/dev/null" always returns 
	"dd: /dev/rst0: Input/output error" (plus a report of 0 records/bytes)
"tar ..." gets the same "Input/output error".

I have read some of the code in src/sys/scsi trying to find out what is
happening.  I noticed that an entry for the Exabyte 8200 is "#if 0"ed in
the list of rogue drives.  I also have not been able to find any documentation
on the density and mode bits of the minor device number.

I'm hoping to find someone with an exabyte 8200 working under NetBSD-1.0 and 
is willing to help.