Subject: Save the world!
To: None <>
From: Gordon W. Ross <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/05/1994 12:00:27
On Charles Hannum <> writes:
> Save the world!  Contribute to NetBSD!  B-)

> Seriously, that only happens if people contribute -- code, answering
> questions, hardware to port to, perhaps even money.  The project
> works, so far, largely because of the two machines that Chris has
> personally devoted to it, and because I spend far, far too much time
> working on it.  Other people need to get more involved.

[ Then, some would-be contributors complain mildly about rejection
  of their contributions, lack of response, etc. ]

I just want to remind everyone to please try to be patient.
The core team offers an excellent combination of technical
skills, and does so on a volunteer basis.  All of them get
loads of e-mail, so it is understandable that one may fail
to get a response, or the response may expose frustration
with having to deal with so much mail...

Again, thanks everyone, the core team especially, for making it
possible to enjoy and learn from the NetBSD system.  I am involved
in the project because I enjoy expanding my technical knowledge,
and I find the technical discussions very rewarding.
(I LOVE to stirr up a technical discussion! 8-)

Gordon Ross