Subject: Re: kernel crash upon reboot from MS-DOG
To: Thomas Eberhardt <>
From: James Jegers <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/03/1994 14:20:48
>Since I installed a 1.0A kernel (and rebuilt the entire user land,
>which built without problems) I get into the kernel debugger upon reboot
>from MS-DOG (i.e.: ctrl-alt-del and then select NetBSD from my osbs20b8
>boot menu).
>root device pci not configured
>biomask 840 netmask 1a ttymask 1a
>kernel: invalid TSS fault trap, code = 0
>Stopped at start+0x7fe: iret
  Not sure what the problem is, but I also see it about 90% of the
  time I come out of DOS. A hard reset always fixes it.